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VM-21 Vibration Monitor



VM-21 Vibration Monitor system integration



The VM-21 vibration monitors can operate as stand alone units requiring only power and transducers and can provide visual indication of vibration levels, 4-20 mA output for control systems as well as switching relays for alarming signal or other actions like shutdown of the equipment.

At the same time, VM-21 vibration monitors can be integrated into enterprise control and asset management systems. To do so, the VM-21 can be connected via the RS-485 interface to the host computer. The VM-21 is controlled via MODBUS RTU standard protocol and can be set up for the required measurements. Also all data from the VM-21 can be retrieved in real time. The number of VM-21s connected to one port can be several dozen. Several ports can be installed on one computer.

OPC Server is available for VM-21. The OPC Server is the software that runs on the host computer and provides VM-21 data to the computer network. The network can be connected to the global web or any other networks and thus the data can be accessible globally if the customer needs this. An unlimited number of the VM-21 OPC Servers can be connected to an enterprise network and all the data can be accessed, assuming the customer is authorised to do this.

The user can retrieve vibration data from the enterprise network with the OPC Client software. The client software can be custom designed or we can supply the standard clients for configuration and display of vibration data. Below is the example of vibration monitoring software for a 5MW blower.


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