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VM-21 Vibration Monitor



VM-21 Vibration Monitor


The VM-21 is a fully digital, programmable dual channel vibration monitor for on-line systems. It is intended to make:

  • Continuous on-line measurement of vibration levels from ICP type accelerometers according to ISO 10816 and other standards.

  • Measurements and indication of voltage signals from different sensors.

  • Measured level comparison to pre-programmed thresholds and vibration severity indication with bar graphs and color.

  • Analysis of changes in vibration - indication of monotonous vibration increase and rapid changes in vibration.

  • Simultaneous analysis of high frequency vibration as an indication of bearing wear. Indication of HF vibration increase.

  • Supply analog output from accelerometers to data collectors and vibration analyzers for detailed analysis.

  • Produce alarms or other actions with integrated relays (two per channel with programmable action).

  • Provide 4-20 mA output for each channel.

  • Integration with Control and\or Asset Management systems via industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol via RS-485 interface. OPC Server technology is available.

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