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DC-21 Data Collector



Vibro12 Application Software

Vibro12 is application software that is included in the DC-21 package. It supports all features of the DC-21 and provides database and analysis tools


Vibro12 is designed for the DC-21 vibration analyzer database support with hierarchy tree, configuration of machines, measurement points, routes for measurements and provides standard means of data analysis. All data you collect with the DC-21 can be downloaded to Vibro12 including balancing protocols. It has a user friendly interface - for each machine point or route you can attach a picture or drawing to make it easier to distinguish your objects in field.




A typical autospectrum analysis window is presented on the left. You can choose any of the amplitude units for display. If the rotation speed was measured Vibro12 displays it with any measured data.


A shock response for modal analysis is displayed on the left. From this time domain data, both Vibro12 and DC-21 calculate spectra and damping decrement.


On the left is an example of run-up amplitude and phase dependency on RPM.


A complete balancing report, automatically generated in the DC-21, and unloaded to the Vibro12 is presented on the left. You can see all the steps of balancing procedure. The influence coefficients can be used for future trim balancing.



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