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VBal Professional Balancing Application


VBalPro32 - The software supports up to 16 balancing planes and 64 measurement points as well as balancing machines with 8 operating modes (which are different by running speed or loads, for example). It includes diagnostic modules for detection of operator errors in measurements and weight mounting as well as the machine defects which make balancing hard to obtain. It also allows you to reduce number of planes and trial runs.

The software is installed onto a computer. Any instrument can be used to collect amplitude and phase data at machine running speed. Also, you may use DC-21 or transducers of stationary/stand systems from VibroTek or VAST.

When a VibroTek or VAST hardware platform is used to collect data, the tacho signal is monitored during measurements. The measurement process is stopped automatically when the required accuracy is obtained. Spectral components with differences of 0.01% can be identified.


The software enables you to:

  • Reduce vibration in some operating modes to optimize in those modes at the expense of other modes

  • Calculate balancing weights for a part of balancing planes with known influence coefficients

  • Manually change parameters of the balancing weights and view their influence on vibration vector graphs.

  • Reduce vibration level, not only to zero, but also to predefined amplitude and phase distributions which allows you to take into consideration thermal unbalance changes.

  • View mode shapes which are calculated using vibration amplitude and phase values at operating speed.


The software displays estimated values of vibration phase and amplitude at all measurement points as well as the minimal vibration level which can be obtained with the given number of balancing planes.



The picture on the right shows a warning of a faulty shaft line detected by VBalPro32M. Timely correction of the defects allows you to reduce the costs and time of faulty machine balancing attempts.


Besides automatic calculation of the balancing weights and diagnostics, the systems provide vibration analysis in many ways. It is possible to view and estimate mode shapes of the machine under balancing in all measurement directions and build a model of mode shapes.


The next option is analysis of balancing weight influence, shown as vector plots, upon machine vibration in all measurement planes. In this way, you may estimate the influence of any balancing weight in all measurement points prior to its mounting. Vector diagrams are shown with red vectors for initial vibration and green vectors showing vibration change due to balancing weight mounting.


On the left, you can see a part of a report automatically generated by VBalPro32M of a turbo-generator balancing operation using 15 balancing planes and 9 measurement planes (18 measurement points).

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