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VBal Balancing Systems



VBal Options


Run-up/Coast-down Balancing

VBal allows you to enter measurement results manually with the keyboard. You may use also amplitude and phase data acquired by a multi-channel system during run-up and coast down (e.g. DC-21) so that preliminarily field balancing can be performed without going to standard operating mode.



Software versions with names ending with M (VbalLitM, VbalPro32M) allows you to balance not only by mounting/removal of balancing weights but also by relocation of non-removable weights. Such a balancing operation is performed in two balancing planes and at 4 measurement points.


Balancing Without Tacho Probe

VBal7 allows you to balance machines without tachometers by using the overall vibration level assuming it depends on unbalance. The three-run technique is used with the trial weights spaced at 120 degrees. Balancing is performed in two balancing planes and at two measurement points.



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