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VBal Balancing Systems



VBal Balancing Application for the DC-21 Data Collector


VBalInt - a program that runs directly on the DC-21 data collector, was developed for field balancing of a machine using up to 3 balancing planes and 8 measurement points. It is possible to balance a machine with or without removal of trial weights. Vbal provides reduction of balancing planes and machine runs.

The tacho signal is monitored during measurements. The measurement process is stopped automatically when the required accuracy is obtained. Spectral components with differences of 0.01% can be identified.


The system automatically detects conditions that may decrease balancing efficiency:

  • Low reliability of the vibration measurement data

  • Too small trial weight

  • Linear dependence between balancing planes


All balancing steps are recorded in a Balancing Report that is saved in the DC-21 and which can be unloaded to the Vibro12 software (free with DC-21) or printed directly from a DC-21 using an optional parallel printer interface. On the left, you can see an example of such a report.


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