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VAST Scientific Background

VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, Inc. was established by specialists who have great experience in vibrodiagnostics. They started their investigation of the vibrations of electric mechanisms in 1968. The main aim of this team was to determine the reasons for increased vibrations in electric mechanisms on board ships and to develop methods for decreasing these vibrations.

There are very strict regulations concerning the vibration of the machines and mechanisms on special ships in Russia. If the vibration level increase, naval personnel are required to carry out detailed investigations of the reasons for the increases and determine the means for dealing with the vibration increase. Before 1975-76, our specialists were responsible for teaching the personnel and developing special methods of vibration investigation.

We were responsible for electric machines, fans, pumps, and propellers. We also performed diagnostics of gearboxes, turbines, and compressors. Our main tasks were to develop methods of diagnostics this machinery using a tape recorder and standard spectrum analyzers and teaching the personnel of special diagnostic teams in naval bases. The first methods standard was issued in 1980 and included new vibration methods such as envelope detection, pseudo-vibration etc. After testing, a new, improved, standard method for ships was issued in 1983. Since then, it’s being used, not only on ships, but also on a number of large plants. In 1986, a book devoted to these methods of vibrodiagnostics was published.

For more than 10 years ( 1980-90 ), we have collected a large quantity of statistics on vibrations of electric mechanisms. In 1987, our specialists were able to make extremely reliable diagnostics on ship mechanisms. At that time, we started to widen applications of our methods, particularly in electric machinery building plants, paper industry, etc.

Since 1988, due to conversion of the Russian economy, we have had the opportunity of looking for new customers in other industries.

In 1990, a small state enterprise “VIBROTECHNIQUE“ was created. At that time, we started a project of developing automatic systems for fast and reliable diagnostics of a large number of rolling element bearings in machines. This system does not need a highly qualified operator.

In 1992 we founded a joined share company named VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, (VAST, Inc.) that deals with the development and the supply of the multipurpose diagnostic systems and rotor balancing complexes.



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