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VibroTek, Inc. was founded in 1996 as Inteltek Enterprises, Inc. with the purpose of introducing to the world market conversion technologies for extraction of diagnostic information from the acoustic and vibration signals. These technologies had been developed by Russian and American experts and the wide application of them became possible in recent years with the development of microcomputers with great computational power and means for interfacing computers to noise and vibration transducers. The main goal of VibroTek is the development and support of compete software systems for condition monitoring, automatic diagnostics and long term forecast of the machine condition and also for the rotor balancing. These software systems are based on thirty years of investigations of vibration issues and of field machine diagnostics by experts of Russia and the USA. The first versions of these systems are already being used in a number of industries in Russia in both continuous and off-line condition monitoring and automatic diagnostics systems.

VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, Inc. (VAST, Inc.) is one of the first private companies in Russia to that deal with information technologies in the field of signal analysis and condition diagnostics. It unites the leading experts and developers of conversion technologies who had many years of practical experience the Russian Navy, the authors of dozens of Russian patents, and a number of text books and monographs. The technologies developed by them are widely used in the number of industries in Russia and also in medicine.

The wide investigations conducted by our specialists resulted in the development of the first expert systems for condition monitoring and diagnostics used in the Russian Navy in 1970-80s. In addition, we have developed fully automatic systems for condition diagnostics and long term forecast using the results of noise and vibration measurements. These systems can operate without a qualified expert in diagnostics.

In 1992, we introduced the first portable system for automatic condition diagnostics of rolling element bearings using Bruel & Kjaer instruments and the first generation of Russian instrumentation. In 1993, we developed a multi-plane balancing software and, in 1994, condition monitoring and diagnostics systems for rotating machines. They are currently in use by more than a hundred enterprises in Russia, Canada, Austria and other counties.

In 1995 VAST, Inc. delivers its first continuous monitoring and diagnostic system based on standard computers. In 1997, we have developed the first portable systems for automatic condition diagnostics software for the on Diagnostic Instruments Ltd. data collectors and in 1996, similar software for the Bruel & Kjaer type 2526 data collector.

Starting in1997, the new generation data collectors are being produced in Russia. VibroTek and VAST, Inc. have prepared a new generation of software with enhanced diagnostic capabilities running in MS Windows-95 for these data collectors. We can recommend licensing this software or parts of it to any companies that produce measurement instrumentation capable of required diagnostic measurements.

In parallel to the development and support of diagnostic methods and software, the specialists of VAST, Inc. deliver a number of lectures and seminars in the St. Petersburg Marine Technical University, Postgraduate Education University in St. Petersburg, Russia. You can find our articles in a number of international journals and conference proceedings. Some of them are presented on this Internet site.


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