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7. The Attendant Problems.

Question 7.1. In paper and pulp mils, metallurgical plants, and other industries, the most important equipment often has low rotating frequencies - from 2-3 up to 5-100 RPM. In diagnostics of equipment with such low rotating speeds, as we know the vibration diagnostics does not give as expected high efficiency as, for example, the method of rotating speed pulsation analysis. And the number of measurement points have to be much more than for example in the conveyer monitoring system by speed pulsation where only one tacho transducer on the driver electric machine is used. Is not it worthwhile to refuse to use on-line monitoring systems using vibration and to substitute monitoring systems analyzing the rotating speed pulsation for them?
(The question was asked during a meeting of specialists in diagnostics from the main Russian paper and pulp mills.)
The question is answered by Alexej V. Barkov. 20 July 1999.


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