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4. Machine balancing in situ.

Question 4.1. Why are the rotors balanced in situ if they are already balanced on special balancing machines?
(The question was asked by the specialists of the plant operations service of the gas transportation enterprise in Saint Petersburg (Russia).)
The question is answered by Alexander G. Shablinsky. 21.01.99.

Question 4. 2. Sometimes during balancing it is impossible to reduce the vibration of assembled machine on the rotation frequency. In technical literature such result is considered as action of not inertial oscillation forces with the rotor rotation frequency. What are these forces?
(The question was asked by the representatives of the maintenance teams of the petrochemical industry.)
The question is answered by Alexej V. Barkov. 21.01.99.

Question 4. 3. While balancing powerful turbines we often face a situation when the coordinates of the heavy point and hence the vibration of the turbine on the rotating frequency is very dependent on the load value. A typical explanation, viz. the uneven thermal expansion of the rotating units, does not explain the simplest experiments when a sudden change of the load leads to a sudden change of the vibration. Then, what are the real physical processes in such cases?
(The question was asked by the participants of the all-Russia conference "The Problems of Vibration and Vibrodiagnostics of Equipment on Power Plants ".)
The question is answered by Alexej V. Barkov. 06.18.99.

Question 4. 4. Dear Sir, I have just accessed your web-site and read about the DC 11 Data collector. Can you please inform what is the minimum and maximum weight for rotors to be balanced and the accuracy of your analyzer as well as the sales price.
(The question was addressed to the Club by a specialist in balancing.)
The question is answered by Alexander Shablinsky. 06.22.99.

Question 4. 5. I am a Professor of machine dynamics at the Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering. We have a VAST DC11 data collector and balancing software.

I had a problem in dynamic balancing (2 - plane). May be I can do balancing by the influence coefficient. I cannot do balancing by other method of trial mass for 2 - planes. How can I do this balancing by this system . Please send me a step by step procedure for this process.
The question is answered by Alexander Shablinsky. 05.16.2000.



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