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DREAM® For Windows



DREAM® Concept

DREAM for Windows is a 32 bit Windows 95 and Windows NT application. The Windows user interface makes daily operation very simple by allowing easy navigation through the equipment tree, the display of the photographic images of the machinery, and extensive mouse usage. All major commands are accessed from local context sensitive menus by a single mouse click. An additional advantage it the easy exchange of information with other applications; text or graphic images can be cut and pasted to word processors for custom reports and so fourth.

A major advantage of DREAM that makes it different from all other condition monitoring systems is that it selects the data collection procedures to be done on your equipment. You tell DREAM what type of machines are installed in your enterprise, what the geometric and operational parameters of the machine are, and DREAM determines the types and date of the measurements to be made, loads the route information in the data collector, and guides the operator through the field data collection process. After the measurements are completed and uploaded to the host PC, DREAM produces a report for recommended maintenance for the equipment. If requested, DREAM furnishes confirming information for its recommendations by displaying the defects found, their severity, the symptoms for the defects, and other information that can be taken into account by the operator who makes a final decision for the equipment maintenance.

DREAM's diagnostic technology allows the decision making process for maintenance to be done at a lower level in the hierarchy of your company. Most of the decisions can be made by the operators although technicians may be consulted in some cases. Engineers will only need to deal with unusual, complicated situations. In the last case, DREAM provides sophisticated tools for graphical analysis of vibration data including the display of all characteristic frequencies of the unit under diagnostics, waterfall and trend plots, dedicated cursor functions, and much more.


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