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DREAM® For Sentinel



DREAM® for Sentinel

DREAM (Diagnostic Rolling Element Analysis Module) for Sentinel is a complete suite of automatic diagnostic modules for rotating machines condition diagnostics and safe operation time prediction. It resides on top of the Bruel & Kjaer Type 7107-M software and makes automatic diagnostics of the spectra stored in the Sentinel database.



DREAM is used to:

  • automatically detect and identify the defects in rotating machines after mounting or repair and during operation

  • make a long-term forecast of a machine condition

  • collect and save the machine condition data for further processing and reporting

  • automatically process the envelope and auto spectra, high frequency vibration levels, detect and display the diagnostic parameters.

DREAM for Sentinel includes the following diagnostic modules:

a. Rolling element bearing

  • rolling element bearing

b. Mechanical transmissions with rolling element bearings

  • rolling element bearing in a gearbox

  • rolling element bearing and shaft line

c. Mechanical transmissions with journal (plain) bearings

  • journal bearing

  • journal bearing in a gearbox

d. Electromagnetic systems of electric machines

  • induction motor

  • synchronous machine

e. Bladed machines

  • pump impeller

  • turbine




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