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What DREAM™ does

  • Detects and identifies the bearing’s defects after mounting and during operation including problems of installation.

  • Diagnoses the bearing’s condition by one vibration measurement, no history required.

  • Makes a long-term prediction of the rolling element bearing’s condition by one vibration measurement

  • Collects and stores the data about the bearings’ condition.

Basic features of DREAM and DCFIL bearing test systems

  • Automatic optimization and setup of the data collection system at the time the data is collected without operator interaction except for large changes in shaft rotating frequency.

  • Automatic processing of the envelope spectrum and mean high frequency bearing housing vibration including automatic removal of interference from other machine sources.

  • Automatic identification of 12 types of bearing defects with an indication of their levels (incipient, medium or severe).

  • Automatic prediction of the bearing’s non-failure operation until the next measurement (the time period between measurements can be up to 20% of a bearing's MTBF).

  • Practically unlimited number of bearings in the database which the customer can configure. The configuration can be corrected or added to very simply.

  • Automatic determination of recommended danger defect levels plus the ability to adjust them in unusual circumstances.

  • Automatic speed compensation and corrections for variations of the number of rolling elements that can occur using different manufacturer's versions of the same nominal bearing designations.

  • Supplemental measurement capability including:

    • Normal auto-spectra

    • Normal time domain data

    • Envelope detected time domain data with operator control of highpass or bandpass filter frequencies. This allows emulation of other commercial envelope detection systems for measurement comparisons.

    • Display smoothed spectra with synchronous signals removed-useful for detecting machine resonances

    • Display envelope detector input filter shape.

  • Storage of the results of intermittent vibration measurements and an unlimited number of successive measurements for each of the bearings.

  • Simple diagnostic measurements and automatic testing of the compatibility of the current spectrum and previous ones.

  • Advanced search and output facilities.

  • A detailed diagnostic process with the ability to display the results of different stages of the process on the screen.

  • Context-sensitive help.

  • Output and printing of the following data:

    • a list of the bearings’ designations with their specification data

    • a list of the analyzer setup during the measurements

    • a history of diagnostic data of the chosen bearing

    • a list of the bearings’ condition with an indication of most severe defect, its depth and recommended date of the next measurement

    • a list of recommendations on maintenance of the bearings

    • a condition based list of bearings requiring diagnostic measurements on the day the operator states.




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