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What DCFIL does

Much of the superior performance of DREAM™ may can be attributed to the methods it uses to control the content of the envelope spectrum data. DREAM controls the relative sensitivities of bearing's friction forces and impact forces and the effective bandwidth of the measurement system by selecting specific bandpass filters applied to the input data before demodulation using criteria based on bearing's dimensions and shaft rotating frequencies. DCFIL generates the filters specified by DREAM, processes the input data, automatically removes interfering signals from the data before the data is demodulated, and then does the remaining demodulation and other signal processing necessary for DREAM. In most cases, DCFIL also controls the measurement hardware, although it may also be used to process previously collected time domain data.



Typical filter specified by DREAM and implemented with DCFIL.

Typical filter specified by DREAM and implemented with DCFIL and automatically modified to remove interference from other machine sources.




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