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DC-21 Data Collector



The following firmware and host PC software options are currently available for the DC-21


  • VBAL_INT: balancing application. Up to 3 balancing planes and up to 8 measurement points

  • SHOCK: modal analysis (bump test) application. Analysis of structural resonances and logarithmic decrements (damping coefficients) for certain frequencies.

  • RUN-UP/COAST-DOWN: application for analysys of rpm vs. amplitude and phase characteristics of the machine. Suitable for balancing machine on unstable rotation speed and when it is not possible to operate a machine on normal rotation speed, up to 16 channel simultaneous measurements using an optionsl switch box or two channels with no special hardware.

  • RECORDER: application for recording long duration time domain data for future processing and analysis

  • ALIGN: shaft alignment calculator. Calculates shims and foot shift using the results of alignment measurements with probes or dial type indicators.



  • VBAL_PRO: Professional balancing application. Up to 16 balancing planes, up to 64 measurement points and up to 8 modes of operation (different loads, different RPMs, etc.)

  • DREAM: software for condition monitoring, vibration analysis, trending, automatic diagnostics and condition prediction for rotating machines. Operates in on-line and off-line modes.





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