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DC-21 Data Collector



DC-21 Accessories


The DC-21 works with a variety of sensors such as accelerometers (charge, ICP, etc), clamp-on current sensors, etc. Accelerometers have different designs and can be mounted permanently or temporarily on a magnet.

Note, the DC-21 has two channels with internal adapters for ICP type accelerometers as a default. You can order the modification of DC-21 with integrated charge preamplifiers for charge type accelerometers.

All other sensors are connected to the extention multipin lemo plug of the DC-21 and may require special cables or adapters. Please consult your dealer.



The DC-21 uses mostly dust and splash proof lemo sealed connectors. A wide variety of cables are available. Cables for accelerometers, computer interface cables, cables for tacho probes, headphones, etc. When ordering cables, please state the required lengths and type of cable.



The DC-21 can be equipped with several types of tacho probes that are used for rotation speed and phase measurements. Shown here are a photo probe and an eddy current probe. The tachos can be mounted permanently or temporarily with a special holder.



The DC-21 has two internal adapters for accelerometers (by default ICP adapters, but can be equipped with charge preamplifiers instead). Besides, external adapters and switchboxes of upto 16 channels can be used with DC-21. On the left you can see a 16 channel multiplexer with internal battery that supplies constant power to all accelerometers, thus switching channels with no sensor switch-on or settling time delay. It can be used for 16 channel amplitude-phase-RPM measurements for run-up/coast-down measurements. When equipped with multiplexers, the DC-21 can work as part of an on-line system for monitoring and test stand applications.




The DC-21 is equipped with field replaceable battery. You can take a number of batteries in the business trip and work without any power source for a week.



A number of other accessories are available - different cables of any lengths, earphones for audible monitoring on the signal from sensors, etc. Please, send your inquiries for any special needs.


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