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Currently, dozens of enterprises use automatic diagnostics and long-term condition prediction systems based on the DREAM software as the main condition monitoring tool. The list of the vibration measurement instruments compatible with the system includes following data collectors: DC-11 (produced by VAST, Inc. in Russia), 2526 (produced by Bruel & Kjaer CMS in Denmark), PL-36 (produced by Diagnostic Instruments, Ltd. in Scotland), and some other instruments for vibration measurements.

In 1999 a number of other instruments compatible with DREAM for Windows software will be launched. For example, the Canadian company, the DPL Group, starts the production of a vibration analyzer, the DC-11 data collector, which is perfectly compatible with the software DREAM for Windows and additionally can be used for multiplane field balancing applications. In addition, it is planned to send data via ordinary telephone lines in any point of the world. Also, together with the company Diagnostic Instruments, Ltd., we plan to finish necessary modifications to make the DI-1100 data collector work with DREAM for Windows package. And an even more interesting project to be launched in cooperation with Diagnostic Instruments is EBA (Expert Bearing Analyzer) produced by Diagnostic Instruments - a new product incorporating the firmware for rolling element bearing in-field diagnostics based on DREAM algorithms.

From the suggestion of specialists from different industries, we decided to organize a club of DREAM users. The members of this club and other interested persons will be provided with the support in monitoring, diagnostic and balancing systems based not only on the mentioned hardware and software, but also on the systems with similar technical capabilities.

The club will be chaired by well known experts of VAST Association, Ph.D. Natalia A. Barkova and Ph.D. Yury A. Azovtsev.


The questions will be replied to by leading experts in practical diagnostics and machine balancing and the designers of electronic devices and software. We hope also to involve in the discussions experts of other companies and users with good practice of using the monitoring and diagnostic systems with software DREAM.

Besides answering the questions, the club organizers are ready to help in diagnostics and condition prediction in the rare cases when the work of DREAM in automatic mode of operation cannot solve a problem. The measurements and data transfer in these cases will be done via Internet or e-mail.

Naturally, the questions similar in sense will be grouped in certain sections so that to give as detailed replies to the questions as possible. It is supposed that the questions and answers will be grouped according to the following sections:

  1. General aspects of monitoring and diagnostics.

  2. Measurements and analysis of diagnostic signals.

  3. The influence of defects on machine and equipment vibration, the diagnostic symptoms of defects.

  4. Machine balancing in situ.

  5. The diagnostic and balancing technical means.

  6. The peculiarities of the software "DREAM for Windows".

  7. The attendant problems.

The leaders of the club will be grateful for all the persons interested in the work of the club for their comments and additions concerning the replies on the questions of the DREAM users.

Nowadays, the club has already issued the recommendations for monitoring and diagnostics systems: The Rotating Machines Monitoring and Diagnostics by Vibration Signal in Russian language. The English version of these recommendations is under preparation. Moreover, a text book, The Machine and Equipment Vibroacoustical Diagnostics is in intensive preparation.

It is intended that VAST Association will circulate additional information and working materials to the DREAM software users, so those who work with this software are kindly asked to register in the club and receive their identification number.

After the information about the DREAM for Windows users club organization, a letter from Dr. Alexej V. Barkov, the President of VAST, Inc., is attached.

The address for communication:

You can also use the fax machine: +7 (812) 251 9145

And now we are waiting for your proposals for the club work, questions and comments and history cases with your work with DREAM for Windows software and monitoring and diagnostic systems on its basis.



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