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Welcome to the joint home page of VibroTek, Inc., VibroTek, Ltd., and Association VAST. Here, you can find information about the current state of the art and prospective developments in field of machinery condition diagnostics and long term condition prediction by vibration and other signal analysis.

VibroTek, Inc. and VibroTek, Ltd. work in close cooperation developing unique analysis methods and software for automatic condition diagnostics and prediction. The software is designed to be used not only by experts in condition monitoring and diagnostics, but also by users with no special training in diagnostics as well, providing them expertise based on several decades of diagnostics experience by our specialists.

In 1992, VibroAcoustical Systems and Technologies, Inc. was the first company in the world to introduce a completely automatic system for rolling element bearings condition diagnostics using a single vibration measurement.

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Association VAST - winner of the Main All-Russia public award "Russian National Olympics" as an "Outstanding Small or Medium Business Enterprise" for the year 2003

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